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Vehicle Storage in Dundee

Are you looking for a secure location to store your car, caravan or motorbike in Dundee? You’ll find the perfect solution at Kangaroo Self Storage.

You can keep your vehicle in a clean, dry and secure building just like this one.

Here’s why customers choose to store their vehicles Kangaroo

  • Our low prices and price guarantee give you the best value for money. Store your car in our secure yard for only £12 a week or keep it inside from just £18 a week. Storage for bikes is £6 outside and from £9 inside.

  • Generous special offers give you up to 6 weeks free storage

  • Insurance premiums are often lower because your vehicle is stored off the road and in an alarmed building with CCTV

  • If you don’t need to use your car you can take it off the road (SORN) when stored with us.

  • Our buildings are clean, safe and secure, so you’ll find your vehicle just as you left it

  • 7 day opening means you can easily come and go as you please. Even when the store is closed you can drop your car off in our secure yard and we can put it away when the store opens.

  • Our unique 30 day risk free guarantee gives you complete peace of mind

  • We try harder and many customers say that’s why they chose us

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Customers trust Kangaroo

I would thoroughly recommend Kangaroo Self Storage to anyone...
"I wish to recommend Kangaroo Self Storage to any person / business due to the level of service provided when I stored my Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2 a short while ago.

In particular I found the security of being able to store the vehicle in a weather proof building out of sight from the public eye to be most reassuring.

Other plus factors included were the friendliness and honesty of the Kangaroo staff (always lending an ear and having a joke), the reasonable cost of storing the vehicle including the saving on

insurance premium as compared to parking it on the street, the trust shown by the kangaroo staff by giving me access to the vehicle 24/7 with other costly goods surrounding the vehicle, always being courteous especially by always asking my permission when the vehicle had to be moved, all in all I had no qualms in leaving a set of spare keys with the staff.

I would thoroughly recommend Kangaroo Self Storage to anyone."
Gordon Sutherland

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Kangaroo Self Storage Edinburgh 0131 510 7900 or
Kangaroo Self Storage Dundee on 01382 455 800
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