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Use Packing Materials to Save Space

Your storage room is 8ft high and you will save space if you store to the ceiling. Buy plenty of cardboard boxes (remember our 3 for 2 offer), tape and bubble-wrap so you can protect and stack smaller items.

It's worth using furniture covers to protect your items in storage and during transport.


Kangaroo help to make this very easy for you.
We offer:

Collection Service - This service is Free for most customers

Free Van Hire - depending on how long you wish to stay

Discounted Removal Services - we know the best local removal companies. Trusted and recommended by our customers


Use all the space in your unit, especially the height

Our staff will give you tips on how to make the best use of your space.

Plan on how you are going to arrange your items. A good plan will save you the time of having to rearrange your unit.

Leave a narrow corridor in the middle of your unit if you need to access your belongings. Alternatively store the items you may need, near the front of the unit, by the door.

Write clear labels for your boxes and keep a copy for reference. This will save you time if you have to look for something. It’ll also make things much easier when you move out.

Don’t overfill boxes or make them too heavy to lift. Place heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top. This will prevent boxes from being crushed.

Protect your items by covering them with moving pads, sheets, or light blankets.

Dismantle tables, bed frames and large pieces of furniture. It will save you space. Just keep all the bits, screws and instructions for putting them back together again!

Use the original boxes to store your computer and television. If you don’t have the originals, use large boxes with plenty of padding.

Make sure all electricals are clean and dry before storing them.

Open fridge doors slightly, to prevent mildew.

Consider storing couches on their end. Stack chairs seat to seat. Use the inside of appliances and drawers to store smaller items. When stacking furniture use paper pads in between the items to avoid scratching.

Store mirrors and paintings on their ends, not flat.

Bubble-wrap or unprinted paper is perfect for wrapping breakables.

Group similar items together and label the boxes.

Clothing and curtains should be stored in wardrobe boxes, on hangers, to retain their original shapes.

Check that your items are insured. Your home policy may cover items in storage. If not, ask about our insurance.

You may need storage for longer than you think, so make sure any seasonal clothing is accessible .


Use plastic to cover your belongings. It retains moisture.

Store any food items.

Pack boxes so that they are too heavy to carry.

Use printed newspaper. The ink may smudge and get on your items.

Store any flammables, explosives, foodstuffs, animals or children.

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