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14 Insider Secrets

  If we needed self storage these are the questions we would ask...
2. How Helpful Are the Staff?

1. How Helpful Are the Staff?

Discuss your storage needs with the staff at your chosen centre. They should take the time and trouble to understand your needs.

Our staff are storage experts. They will offer all the advice you want and show you how to save space.

We can help with your transport, saving you time and money

6. Do They Help You to Move In?

2. Do They Help You to Move In?

Many people forget to include removal costs when choosing storage. This can be an expensive mistake. Van hire costs £60-£70 a day. So any saving in storage can be lost in removal costs.

Kangaroo offers the best value.

  • No other self storage company in Dundee or Glasgow provides a collection service, that’s Free for most customers
  • Free van hire is also available
  • We know the best local removal companies and they’ll give you a discount.
7. What Are The Insurance Charges?

3. What Are The Insurance Charges?

This can be expensive, so check the price. Your belongings need to be insured in storage. Your existing contents insurance policy may cover your belongings in storage. If they do, you will need a copy of the cover note.

If you don’t have insurance, storage companies will provide cover. Check the cost of this insurance, it can be expensive. Be wary of companies who link insurance to room size. This can over-insure you and be expensive.

Kangaroo offers £1000 of cover for £1 a week. You choose how much you need. Simple and great value.

8. How Much is the Deposit?

4. How Much is the Deposit?

All self storage companies levy a refundable deposit. This is normally the same as the cost of 28 days storage for the room size you choose. Some companies reduce this cost if you pay by direct debit or credit card.

Moving can expensive and even though your deposit is refundable, it’s money out of your account. Kangaroo reduce the deposit to 14 days for credit card or direct debit payments.

10. Is Access Free Or Are You Charged To Visit?

5. Is Access Free Or Are You Charged To Visit?

There’s nothing worse than having to move your belongings into a storage unit at the back of a building with poor lighting and no lift.

Kangaroo built Scotland’s first self storage building. Access to all parts of the building is fast and easy.

All visits are Free and you can come and go as often as you please.

9. Are Unused Storage Days Refunded?

6. Are Unused Storage Days Refunded?

All storage companies usually charge for self storage in advance. This is normally 4 weeks or a calendar month.

Most companies will refund any unused days when you move out providing you comply with their notice period.

Some don’t which is unreasonable and is a cost you should avoid by checking in advance.

Kangaroo only asks for 7 days notice and offers a full refund on any unused storage days. It’s only fair.

11. What Are the Opening Hours?

7. What Are the Opening Hours?

Not all companies are open 7 days a week, so find out, if regular access is important to you.

Some companies offer 24 hour access. Expect to pay a premium for this service. Just be sure 24 hour access is essential, because it is expensive.

Kangaroo is open 7 days a week.

3. How Many Room Sizes? How High?

8. How Many Room Sizes? How High?

Most storage companies offer 20 or so different sized rooms. The more floor space you take the more you pay.

Save money by storing your items to the ceiling of your unit. Usually the rooms are 7-8 feet high, so make sure you use this space. Use boxes, they stack well.

Completely fill the room. If you don’t require access to your belongings don’t leave any wasted space. Store any items you might need last so they are by the door.

Make sure you can change to a smaller or larger room if you need more or less space

Kangaroo offers 8ft high secure storage rooms

4. How Competitive Are The Prices?
Kangaroo offers the best value in Dundee and Glasgow

9. How Competitive Are The Prices?

Check what you’re paying for.

Once upon a time there were 2 self storage companies

Both offered clean, safe and secure rooms

Their staff were knowledgeable and helpful

One charged £461.80 and the other £252 to stay in an identical sized room for 12 weeks

Why pay £209.80 more?

Dundee Price Check

5. How Competitive Are Their Offers?

10. How Competitive Are Their Offers?

Most companies use special offers to attract your business.

None can match Kangaroo’s value

  • Low Prices
  • Special Offers
  • Collection Service
  • Risk Free Guarantee
  • 3 for 2 on Boxes

Kangaroo gives you more

12. Storage Rooms Or Shipping Containers?

11. Storage Rooms Or Shipping Containers?

Some companies offer old shipping containers that are stored outside. Storage containers may be cheaper, but they can be damp and not suitable for furniture storage.

They are much less secure and your belongings may not be covered by insurance

Only store low value items that will not rot, rust or be damaged in damp conditions, in a container.

1. How Safe Are Your Belongings?
Secure perimeter fencing and controlled access

12. How Safe Are Your Belongings?

Check the level of security and fire protection offered at each storage facility you are considering. Most offer excellent security and fire precautions. Some don’t, so check carefully to ensure your items are properly protected.

Our buildings have been specially designed for storage.

Access is easy and your room is clean, safe and secure.

You’ll find your belongings just as you left them.

13. Penalty Fees?

13. Penalty Fees?

All storage companies charge late fees.

Budget for your storage and pay your bills on time! If you don’t you may be charged late fees. These soon add up and make your storage more expensive than it needs to be

Keep a note of your payment dates or better still use a direct debit.

14. Reservation Fee?

14. Reservation Fee?

Once you know you need storage it’s best to reserve your room.

Most self storage companies will reserve a storage unit for you, for a fee of between £5 and £20. This reservation fee usually goes towards your first payment when you move in.

Some will refund this deposit if you no longer need storage.

It only costs £5 to reserve a room at Kangaroo. If you change your mind your £5 is refunded.

If you prefer you can call Kangaroo Self Storage Glasgow on 0141 551 5185, Kangaroo Self Storage Edinburgh 0131 510 7900 or Kangaroo Self Storage Dundee on 01382 455 800
We help so many customers with their storage, so just call us so we can help you too.
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