Kangaroo Self Storage

Why do customers choose kangaroo?

Once upon a time there were 2 self storage companies

  • One was very big and the other quite small
  • Both offered clean, safe and secure rooms
  • Their staff were knowledgeable and helpful
  • One charged £280 and the other £204 to
    stay in an identical sized room for 12 weeks

Why pay £76 more?

We’re smaller, so we try harder

Storage costs for a 12 week stay in a 75sqft room

Kangaroo Armadillo Kangaroo
12 weeks
12 weeks
Weekly Price £24 £26 £288 £312
Free Weeks Storage 6 weeks 4 weeks £144 £104
Insurance £5 £6 £60 £72
12 Weeks Storage £204 £280
Kangaroo Saving £76

Price comparison for a 75sqft room with £5k of insurance for 12 weeks
Armadillo prices checked on 26-02-2010

Why Pay 37% More?
You can save even more...    
Kangaroo Armadillo
Free Collection Service
Save £67

30 Day Risk Free Guarantee
2 Week Deposit
Save £70
7 Days Move Out Notice
Boxes 3 for 2
If you prefer you can call Kangaroo Self Storage Glasgow on 0141 551 5185, Kangaroo Self Storage Edinburgh 0131 510 7900 or Kangaroo Self Storage Dundee on 01382 455 800
We help so many customers with their storage, so just call us so we can help you too.
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